Web Technologies

Websheet is a fully functional albeit fairly basic spreadsheet, written in a combination of XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. Additionally, it demonstrates a server-side XML validator that is implemented in PHP.

Hardware Description Language

Our Counter utility is a simple, web-based code generator, implemented in XHTML, Java and PHP. The user interactively specifies the characteristics of a binary counter and the tool generates an implementation of the configured counter in VHDL, the source code of which can be copied and pasted into the user's own project. Similarly, ALU lets the user interactively create an arithmetic & logic unit.

iPhone/iPad Applications

Quote of the Day is a simple demonstration app for the iPhone. Here we provide a simulated iPhone screen for the purpose of showing a basic user interface and to verify the PHP back end that serves the app. The app itself is written in Objective C. This simulation however is implemented in CSS and JavaScript.

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